Spellbound 1.4

Make words disappear with this novel wordsearch application


  • Highly original game design


  • Pretty difficult on medium level

Very good

Wordsearches used to be the easiest puzzles in the world. They were the puzzle for people who didn't want to be too challeneged in their free time. Far easier than crosswords, wordsearches would provide limited fun but plenty of satisfaction (because they were so easy). Some wordsearches even had the words which made their solution printed below the puzzle - to make them even easier.

NJ Software, makers of Spellbound, clearly thought that all this had to change. What they have produced in Spellbound is a mixture of the traditional wordsearch, a bit of Boggle's flexibility, Tetris style moving blocks and a time challenge.

Spellbound's curious mixture of these ingredients makes it an original game which really does challenge you to move quickly. As your skill increases, you can move from the Easy skill to medium - which imposes a time limit. The key to the game is to avoid thinking too linearly: look for letters which go together even if they're not next to eachother.

Spellbound is a fun, interactive, word game! The object of the game is to find words on the game board to complete the goal for each round. As words are spelled, they disappear from the board, and new lettered tiles fall into place to fill the gaps.

Spellbound's unique user interface makes for an unusual and interesting gaming experience. Its three levels of difficulty, time challenge and database of over 80,000 words offer you the perfect word puzzle game whether you've got a minute or an hour free!

Some of the key features of Spellbound include:

  • Three skill levels (Easy - casual, untimed; Medium - faster-paced, timed; Hard - for those who've mastered easy & medium!)
  • Built-in dictionary of over 80,000 words
  • Custom dictionary - add words of your choice
  • Pause or resume your game at any time
  • High score tables for each skill level

All in all, Spellbound is a fun word search program for your Palm PDA.



Spellbound 1.4

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